Welcome to Vision from LifeTalk – the new way for IFAs and financial advisers to be recognised for their expertise. 

Vision is powered by Passle – the amazing new content management tool for busy experts which is being heralded by marketing experts everywhere.

Vision provides financial advisers with a stunning new platform to highlight your ideas, opinions, thoughts and expertise and to be part of a community of expert financial professionals. 

Here’s how IFAs and Financial Advisers benefit when they join and contribute to the Vision community:

  1. You appear higher in Google search results
  2. You get more traffic to your website
  3. You are able to highlight your expertise in a quick and simple new way
  4. You grow your email newsletter list
  5. You can promote your business and get found for more opportunities
  6. You engage your audience on Social Media
  7. It will be a new way for consumers to find a financial advice professional

Creating content can often be the last thing on your to-do list; it’s hard to prioritize when you’re already overwhelmed by work. Passle is a content solution that puts the client-first by creating a tool that is easy to use, already wired to social, and with an in-built newsletter feature. Instead of gathering together ten different apps, Passle has everything in one place, so that you don’t have to waste your precious time.

Your expertise matters

The first twenty IFAs, advisers or financial planners to contribute to Vision will be able to highlight, write and curate a collection of their expert thoughts, opinions and blogs on personal finance and any other topic they feel is useful or valuable to consumers and investors today.  It is the perfect complement to your marketing, social media and communication activities.  What's more, they will be able to join without charge for six months. 

Contribute anything from a couple of sentences to a full article – it’s up to you.  As a contributor to Vision, you get your own dedicated page on the Passle website, giving you a powerful additional presence on the Internet. 

Here’s what one financial planner says about his experience of using Passle: 

“I’ve been simply amazed at the impact my posts on Passle have had.  It has noticeably driven a lot more traffic to the Serenity website and my content is showing up really well in search results.  But an unexpected benefit of contributing regular posts, has been to give me focus and I’m really enjoying having this new way to communicate and express my thoughts, ideas and opinions to clients and prospects.”  Jeremy Squibb, Serenity Financial Planning 

Free for Six Months

The first twenty IFAs/advisers signing up for Vision will be able to use it free for six months.  All we ask is that you post just one blog, article or piece of content per month.  In fact, most users value it so much they often post one per week (and occasionally more!). 

We give you full training and support, but Passle can be learnt in as little as ten minutes.  And you’ll be amazed how quickly you can post your ideas. 

Vision is a simple and fast way to create and share content.  It allows your experts to showcase their expertise while increasing their online visibility.

First come, first served - the first twenty join for free.  After six months your investment will be £10 pm (plus VAT).