Scientists have revised their estimates of how long it will be before we experience a 25-hour day.

Before you start making plans for an extra hour in bed, more time at the office, or working on your golf handicap, we'll have to wait about 200 million years for the extra hour.

At its current pace, it will take 6.7 million years to gain an extra minute each day.

But the story prompts the question, what would you do with an extra hour each day? I suspect many of us could 'recover' at least that much time if we changed a few habits, maybe procrastinated a little less or worked a little harder.

In the Autumn Statement last month we heard Chancellor Philip Hammond claim that Germany gets as much done in a four-day week as us Brits achieve in five days. 

With a modest improvement in productivity, we could all enjoy the same level of earnings but with an extra day each week to take advantage of the wealth and do all of those things we want in life.

Financial Planning can play a really important role here, help us realise our goals in life through a process of discovery. Most importantly, it then backs up those dreams with the finances needs to make them a reality.