After all the good intentions of yesterday, this morning, all those good intentions and resolutions may be seeming a little more challenging. Even more-so by the end of this week after four days of working have interfered with every plan you had

Here is a tried and tested way to combat that New Year Thud - that reset button, you know, the one which feels like a sledgehammer between the eyes as all the glitter, glitz, glam and excitement of pre-christmas cheer has suddenly deserted when you walk back into the office. Decorations to take down, only the toffee pennies left in the Quality Street, and the realisation that there are cards from people that you forgot to give one to!

Commit to 29 days of activity - that is all. It is not to say that 29 days of committed activity will form a habit (it is far more complex than that). What it will do, is give you :

  • A Target
  • A Timescale
  • A Purpose
  • An End (if you wish it to stop)
  • A Chance to get back on if you fall off

By agreeing now to either i) commit for 29 days, or ii) commit until the end of the month, there is a very real chance that you can start to implement some of the resolutions which seemed so possible at Midnight on 31st December, but once the Prosecco wore off, seemed a little more challenging.

Good luck with your 29 days.