Michelle McGagh has recently completed an inspirational year.

For twelve months, other than essential bills and a very small food budget, personal finance journalist Michelle has bought nothing new.

This 'no-spend year' is the subject of her new book, out later this week - The No Spend Year: How I spent less and lived more (Coronet, 2017).

Michelle was a guest on my podcast last June and, with a few months to go before the end of her no-spend year, it was a fascinating conversation. You can listen at http://icradio.co.uk/icr-085-michelle-mcgagh-year-of-buying-nothing/.

Few of us would be as bold as Michelle and find it appealing to pare our expenditure back to the bone.

That said, I'm sure we could all find some opportunities to save money on a daily basis and end the year wealthier as a result.