For the last 5-6 years I always performed an exercise of writing down what went well that year, not so well and what i was going for the following year. 

Since doing this, and subsequently thinking more about how to achieve goals, targets or whatever word you like to use, my life has taken a significant upturn. Is this a coincidence ? Not for me to judge but my feelings are that previously to doing things a different way, my life was ok and was going along but in a very unstructured way. 

This lead me around 3 years ago to discover true financial planning and small components of this world like cash flow modelling (notice I said small component).  I started to do this type of work with clients and i became skilled in getting people to consider and think about things in a variety of different perspectives, not just their own.

This year I have gone one further and with like-minded clients I am sharing my own personal review and not just telling them to do it as homework for themselves. What I have noticed so far in the three people who have seen it, is that they seem to know a little bit more about what drives me, what type of things are important to me.

For example, I had my best year yet from a turnover point of view. My wife had our first child in December, Raffaella. This year my main goal is be be around as much as possible and cutting down my days in London to 2 maximum from 5. This I believe will mean a smaller turnover figure at Dec 31st (it may not but I'm a realist) BUT me being present all that time is more important than money. 

I think by sharing our own goals with clients they can start to see what we are really like as people and that can only be a good thing if we are all just trying our best for our partners, kids and anybody close to us. 

Share some personal goals with clients - I'm sure it will further cement great trust-based working relationships.