Artificial intelligence is changing many businesses and will continue to do so in ways we cannot yet imagine.  Google's AlphaGo has been so successful at playing the ancient Board Game of Go that they have chosen to retire the machine.  It's future lies elsewhere in research.

Financial Services will be no exception to the changes that AI can bring about.  Whilst most of our industry is slow to change the potential benefits to clients are enormous. 

Much has been made of the rise of Robo-'Advisers',  (basically automated investment solutions) but the potential for AI to assist in helping navigate the complex world of things such as risk tolerance analysis, cashflow planning and even perhaps the preparations of advice reports, is enormous.

The end result should be the ability of advisers to deliver advice and help clients manage their finances more cost effective than ever before but as someone who is a great fan of the Terminator movies I can't help thinking about Skynet!