Well done, we are here together on day 9, and guess what, there is always something which we can succeed at.

Everyone has potential and everyone is unique, so stop comparing yourself to someone else. In truth, the only person to reflect on, is the person you were yesterday.

A very good pal of mine, Terry Mullins states in his courses that there is no such thing as a USP (a Unique Sales Proposition). Many businesses (well business owners to be precise)  maintain that they have something different to anything else out there. That is a very bold statement, and from Terry's experience, highly unlikely to be true. Even with us at Serenity, which push the boundaries of the industry, we take a very different approach, but, there are still others out there who offer life planning, who base their fees on the relationship, and who put the clients first - so that is not unique really.

A USP does exist though - the Unique Sales Person - the person you have the relationship with, the person who gets you, and you get them, because there is some form of chemical reaction. The waiter or waitress who you always look for, the adviser who makes you feel uplifted in a way which nobody else does.

We are all unique, don't give up and you will find your vein of success sooner or later.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life